Dear Students, 

As you are intimately aware, the COVID-19 situation has kept many students from experiencing the Korean culture. To help you get a sense of contemporary Korean trends and learn something about Korea's unique pop culture, KU Office of International Affairs has created a special virtual lecture on “The History of Korean Pop Music and K-Pop.

Though the experiences maybe 'virtual' the fun will be real, so please save the date!

Special lecture on the History of Korean Pop Music and K-Pop

Live air: November 27, 2020,  16:00 Korea Time

Access to our Youtube channel link  ( <- The link has been changed!!

Join Professor Ji Hoon Park of Korea University’s School of Media and Communication as he delves into the world of K-pop to uncover the true stories of how the K-pop industry operates and its relation to your favorite idols. From its historical development to recent issues, Prof. Park takes you behind the scenes of this astonishingly popular and highly-stylized modern showbiz phenomena, which is not only entertainig, but also economically and culturally significant to the contemporary nation of Korea.